Teen Review– Fat Angie by e. E. Charlton-Trujillo


This book describes the journey of Angie, a “fat” girl who has suffered many problems in her short life. Haunted by her sister’s death, her family has become dysfunctional. Wang, her older brother, has resorted to crime to put up with the pain of his older sister’s death; to keep Wang in check, the court hired Wang’s therapist. Angie’s mom is having a relationship with Wang’s therapist, which grosses out both Wang and Angie. Angie was about to give up on everything when she meet K.C. Romance, the new girl. K.C. shows Angie that there are better ways to cope with your feelings than to eat. With K.C.’s and Jake’s (her neighbor) help, she tries out for the basketball team so she can be like her sister.

I enjoyed many parts of this book; it was full of surprises and twists. The characters were very realistic; they seemed like how actual people would behave. The situations in this book seemed on the edge of impractical and improbable. One example is her sister being taken hostage seems improbable and because of that having a whole Dateline and CNN show about it, since there are other people who have been taken hostage in Iraq and yet we hear nothing about them.  I feel as if e.E. Charlton-Trujillo was rushing to write the story and did not pay attention to her writing style, which brought down the book’s quality. This book was not exactly humorous, it is full of emotion, both happy and sad which helps connect to the more serious side of you.

One memorable thing about this book was how K.C. realizes half-way through the book that she is not “special” as everyone keeps on telling her, but extraordinary and she can be what she wants to be.

four stars

Review by Samhita, grade 8, Twin Hickory Area Library

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