Teen Review– Storm by Donna Jo Napoli


Sebah is a sixteen-year-old girl who’s whole family and most of her village gets swept away by a powerful storm. She later meets a person from her village, Aban. They try to survive together and protect each other. Aban though grows weaker and weaker by the day. As they come across a gigantic ark (Noah’s ark) Aban makes her go up to it and also makes her promise that she will try her best to survive- no matter what. She must leave him behind though because he is too weak to go with her. On this wonderful journey, Sebah discovers her destiny and learns many things about life.

This book was very good. It had a lot of humor, sadness, happiness, joy, etc. The writing style of the author and how she tends to bring in all the details together and make every little detail in the story connect is wonderful, and it gives a lot of power to the book. The characters are also very well described and you could feel how they feel and understand why, which is a very important thing, especially when reading a book like this.

There are many wonderful and memorable things in this book. One though, is when Sebah realizes that she can’t keep on to her past and needs to move on. She needs to give herself a new happy life and not stick to the tragedy and sadness that has occurred to her in the past.



Review by Jihad, grade 8, Gayton Branch Library

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