Teen Review– Pawn by Aimee Carter


The once glorious United States is in ruins because of overpopulation, and is dictated by the autocratic Harp family with the hated Prime Minister Daxton. The cruel king’s grandfather once created a ranking system for society with the I’s being the most idiotic and VI’s being the brightest civilians. Only the Harps can be VII’s. Only a one-time test at the age of 17 will determine the cleverness and potential of the individual. That test ruins Kitty Doe’s whole life, as she scores a III and becomes society’s sewer scrubber. However, her job is interrupted by none other than the Prime Minister himself. He asks Kitty, “How would you like to be a VII?” Rather than have her life taken away into the sewers, Kitty says yes. Nevertheless, there was a price to be paid. Kitty is transformed into the country’s most beautiful and Daxton’s most dreaded person, Lila Harp, who mysteriously died. Now Kitty Doe’s mission is to crush a rebellion Lila started. Life isn’t that easy.

This is a fantastic book with one of greatest developed characters I’ve ever seen. Kitty’s relationship with with Benjy, her boyfriend, and Knox, Lila’s fiancée, is just plan complicated and magnificently done. The story was also very intricate, yet easy to understand and interesting. What I liked the most is that the author writes with drama and life with a sprinkle of action. The twists are just intriguing and more exciting than the ones I’ve ever read before like Vitro or Fugitive X.

My most favorite thing about the book was the Ranking. I wanted to know every character’s rank that pops up in the book. It was just like a fun little mini-game.



Review by Henry, grade 6, Tuckahoe Area Library

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