Teen Review– Forest of Wolves by Erin Hunter


After Toklo finally reaches the woods where he was born, he finds to his major disappointment that the forest has been taken over by wolves. Prey is scarce, most of the bears have fled, and the remaining have grown angry. However, there are still more problems to come. Yakone is now seriously ill from the flat-face trap, and the gang has doubt of his survival. Kallik blames herself because she was the one who separated him from his family by having him go on the quest. As the polar bears feel the need to return to the ice and Toklo begins to settle in, Lusa still wonders where she belongs. Is she ready to leave her friends and become an individual?

I liked this book because it showed bears from different backgrounds living together. The story was very intense, and I was certain that someone was bound to die. I also liked how each bear had distinct abilities, which made them more important in the quest. For instance, Lusa can climb trees with ease, and her black fur blends her in with the night. There were also many plot twists that blew my mind completely.

The most memorable thing in the book was when the bears were executing their plan to rid the forest of the wolves.  At first, I thought it was insane, but then I realized how well it would work.


Review by Premsai, grade 6, Gayton Branch Library

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