Teen Review– W.A.R.P. The Reluctant Assassin by Eoin Colfer


W.A.R.P. is about a scientific project that involved relocating witnesses to the past. When Charles Smart, the projects creator and the only one who can use it, disappears into the past, the project shudders to a halt. When he returns, he also unwittingly brings a boy named Riley with him. When the retrieval team returns to clean up evidence of Charles Smart, a mysterious assassin named Garrick overpowers them and travels to modern times.

This book was from the author of one of my favorite series, Artemis Fowl. When I checked this book out, I had high expectations. It fell just short of meeting them, however. The book was not very fast paced until you get about halfway through, but once you get there, the ride is smooth sailing. This is the only flaw in the writing style I found.

The concept of time travel and paradoxes really intrigues me, and it made this book that much more interesting. This to me was a main selling point.

four stars


Review by Patrick, grade 8, Glen Allen Branch Library

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