Teen Review– Middle School: My Brother is a Big, Fat Liar


This book was about Georgia Khatchadorian and her school year at Hills Village Middle School, the school that her older brother had attended. Her older brother, Rafe Khatchadorian, was known as the criminal of Hills Village Middle School. He was later kicked out from the school. When Georgia went to school everyone used to look at her in misery. Even the teachers and administrators kept an eye on her to make sure she wasn’t doing anything wrong. On Georgia’s first day she met some girls who called themselves, “The Princesses.” The leader of the group was Missy Trillin. Missy thought of herself as an important person, but Georgia wanted to do anything which would make her realize where she really stands.

I thought this book was very interesting because something unexpected would happen every once in a while. The author also did a good job of keeping Rafe in the story because if Rafe wasn’t there then the book would have been nowhere similar to what it is now. One thing I disliked about the book was that there were some depressing situations which weren’t necessary. The best part I liked about this book was that the author used humor in every chapter of the book. This was what made me read further in the book.

The most memorable part of the book was when Georgia and Rafe solved all the problems between them. Even though they still fought like they did before, now they have fun when they fight with each other.

four stars


Review by Arijit, grade 6, Twin Hickory Area Library

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