DIY Book Cover Contest Winners

Congratulations to our digital art contest winners!

In honor of Teen Tech Week, about twenty young adults from across Henrico County recreated book covers for us. We saw fresh takes on everything from Goodnight Moon to The Odyssey. In a few days, we’ll be asking you to pick one more winner for a Teens’ Choice Award. Until then, we’re proud to announce these winners, with the title of the book they redesigned:

Middle school grand prize winners:

  • Jamia G., Vibes
  • Rithanya S., A True Princess

High school grand prize winners:

  • Malika M., The Burn Journals
  • Vaidehi K., Tuck Everlasting

Runners up:

  • Anna B., Lolita
  • Claire A., Disney’s Sleeping Beauty
  • Karen O., Maximum Ride
  • Olivia A.,  Goodnight Moon – with Live Bunnies
  • Rachel R., Just One Day

We were pleased to have as our guest and judge for this contest local artist Cabell Gorman; her late son Patrick was an artist, too, and a student at Henrico High. Read more here.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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