Teen Review — The Infinite Moment of Us by Lauren Myracle


Wren’s parent have always been in control of her life. She’s never really broken away from what they’ve planned for her and has always lived in the small box their restrictions create. She even made a deal not to be in any relationships in her high school years. But, she has to break away from being just an extension of her parents sometime. Charlie has had a rough past and hasn’t really let anyone inside of his mind. He’s been longing to have Wren be his for what feels like an eternity.

The book is great and it has a great story line but it just wasn’t super memorable. Most of the book was predictable and generic and blended right in with any other coming-of-age romance. The characters weren’t extremely creative. They were just another mysterious boy and preppy girl. However, one character in particular caught my interest, Starrla. She was still kind of generic with the whole bad girl act but she added some flare to the story. A few parts of the book had me on edge but once those were over I was falling asleep, practically. A large portion of the book just seemed repetitive and like it was droning on to make the text seem more advanced. The most dramatic or intriguing parts of the book were usually short. The more boring parts were what were more elaborated on.

Starrla has a special spot in the back of my head. She had a grim and awful life and that was quite interesting. Everything she did was only a result of the trouble she went through during her early years.


Review by Iyaana, grade 8, Fairfield Area Library

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