Teen Review — Runt by Nora Raleigh Baskin


Elizabeth Moon is enemies with Maggie. They used to be friends, but a fight got them worked up and it ended badly. Maggie doesn’t like the fact that Elizabeth acts better than everybody. Elizabeth’s mom works with dogs, so Elizabeth is always covered in dog hair and she smells like crazy. Maggie thinks that she is better than Elizabeth, and that she should get revenge.

This book was really interesting. I was surprised at how much Maggie hated Elizabeth. Maggie would go to great lengths to get what she wanted, and it sometimes would backfire. Some things happened that I didn’t expect. All the characters had different personalities, so it was intriguing to see all their opinions put together into one book.

One thing that stuck with me throughout the book was the fact that Maggie always wanted to get her way, and she would go to great lengths to do that.

four stars


Review by Mitali, grade 6, Twin Hickory Area Library


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