Teen Review — Forest of Wolves by Erin Hunter


Toklo, Lusa, Kallik, and Yakone have finally made it to Toklo’s birthplace after a lengthy travel. Soon after their arrival, the four bears notice how unwelcoming the place is. Toklo is shocked at the dramatic change his beloved forest had undergone. To the bears’ horror, the cause of despair in the once cheerful forest is wolves. Toklo knows that his place of birth is where he wants to stay, but with the wolves gulping down the remains of the prey left in the forest, the bears can’t enjoy the lush woodlands as much. Will the bears be able to help Toklo create new territory, or will the wolves claim the greenery for themselves?

Since I have not read the first few books in the series, the terms used to describe human machinery were confusing. Then again, I could infer that phrases like “metal birds” were supposed to be planes because planes are metal and shaped like birds. Also, the excitement and danger in the forest and snow peaks were exhilarating to read, especially since you could sense what each bear was feeling. I would definitely recommend this novel to anybody who enjoys invigorating and hazardous adventures.

One memorable thing about the book would be the unity and bond between the four bears. They were selfless when it came to their lives and would do anything to help the other bears.

four stars

Review by Emily, grade 6, Twin Hickory Area Library

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