Teen Review — The Burning Shadow by Michelle Paver


The Bronze Age of Greece was ravaged by the House of Koronos, the godly rulers of Messenia and the legion of blood-hardened warriors of the Crows. Helpless outsider Hylas has seen it all. Crows ravage his clan, kill his father, and separates him from his sister. Just to make it worse, after failing to steal the sacred dagger belonging to the Crows which gives them their power, he lands in the worst possible scenario- being the slave of the warlord’s cruel son, Kreon. Hylas is threatened by Snatchers, evil beings plotting to hunt the ones who killed them. However, he manages to give the Snatchers what they want and in return they allow him freedom away from the slave camps of the Island of Thalakrea. Meeting his long-time supporter and friend Pirra, they plan on ridding the dagger of the House of Koronos from the face of the earth forever. However, a much harder challenge awaits Hylas in his bid to save the world.

The Burning Shadow has truly left a mark in my mind. It did have a fast moving, changing plot, but that doesn’t even cover up a fraction of the great strengths of this book. Even though the plot was sort of fast, it was organized extremely well. The characters’ personalities were expressed in larger quantities than in other books. The people in Burning Shadow interacted a lot and expressed their feelings through many words. The plot is also very attractive. A slave with a thirst of freedom not only yearning for escape but also with a desire to save the world is such a well-thought story. I have to question readers who could want more. I’ve almost never given perfect reviews, but I truly believe Burning Shadow deserves one.

I was very amused and liked how even though Pirra and Hylas were obviously in love, they certainly didn’t act like it.


Review by Henry, grade 6, Tuckahoe Area Library

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