Read + Review — Evertrue, by Brodi Ashton

Nikki Beckett, a courageous high school girl, has almost anything she could ask for. She has an amazing boyfriend, wonderful family, and awesome best friend, yet her life has taken a shocking turn. Cole, one of Nikki’s good friends, is an Everliving, a person who lives forever. He wants Nikki to become an Everliving herself, but Nikki refuses. She knows that once every century, she will have to take the life out of someone just so she could stay immortal, and Nikki strongly opposes this act. Unfortunately, Nikki ends up becoming an Everliving anyway. Jack knows how much hatred Nikki carries for killing a human, so he and Nikki develop a plan to end her eternal life. Can Jack save Nikki from the wrath of the Underworld, or will she have to spend an endless amount of time in the Everneath?

I enjoyed reading this novel because of the emotions that Brodi Ashton put onto the pages. The trio has to learn to trust each other with secrets and plans. Also, I liked the writing style Ashton used to describe the conflict and romance between the three. This book was easy to understand for me, even though I have not read the first two books yet. I absolutely adored this book and would recommend it to anybody who likes crazy adventures with a little romance.

One memorable thing about this novel is the way the characters interacted with one another throughout this life threatening journey.

five stars

Reviewed by Emily, grade 6, Twin Hickory Area Library

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