Read + Review — Being Sloane Jacobs, by Lauren Morrill

Have you ever wished you could completely switch lives with someone else, if even for a little while? Well, Sloane Emily Jacobs and Sloane Devon Jacobs are about to have their wishes come true. With nothing in common except for their first name, last name, and their love for being on ice, Sloane Emily and Sloane Devon meet coincidentally at a hotel the night before they’re both off to camp for the summer. Each girl running away from a secret of her own, they decide to switch places for the next four weeks.

I really enjoyed this book a lot! It was such an overall feel-good, light read. I liked the environment of the book a lot because it reminded me of summer and my own camp memories. The characters were lovable; however, I do wish we’d gotten to know some of the characters more. The only thing I disliked was I felt like some things were a little unrealistic, but it still made for a fun read nonetheless!

The most memorable part of the book, for me, was seeing how far all of the characters came. I saw a lot of character development from the beginning towards the end; I felt like I’d really grown with the characters.

three stars

Reviewed by Maryum, grade 10, Twin Hickory Area Library

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