Read + Review — Afterparty, by Ann Redisch Stampler

Afterparty starts off with Emma moving to Los Angeles with her father, into a town where she doesn’t know anyone. She is a junior in high school who has been moving around North America her whole life with her overprotective father, and she is hoping to finally settle into the same town for all of high school. Soon after she moves in and starts school, she becomes best friends with Siobhan. Siobahn is wild, reckless, and different. Little does Emma know, this friendship will soon completely change her life.

I thought the beginning of the book moved very slowly. However, as soon as the plot advanced I was really into it and I could not put it down. The plot was very unpredictable and there were more than one scenes where I actually gasped because I was so surprised. I really loved two specific characters and the humorous exchanges between them.

For me, the most memorable thing was the funny exchanges between the characters–some conversations had me laughing out loud!

three stars

Reviewed by Maryum, grade 10, Twin Hickory Area Library

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