Author Visit & Teen Review for The Tribe: Homeroom Headhunters by Clay McLeod Chapman

TribeFinal-220x331 chapman 2bAuthor Clay McLeod Chapman visited Twin Hickory Library on Saturday, May 18th and gave a tremendous reading from his new book, The Tribe: Homeroom Headhunters. Mr. Chapman read from different sections of the book and did an amazing job of bringing the book to life, even with a few screams! He later signed copies of his book and stayed to talk with three teens that had read galley copies of The Tribe. Everyone had a great time talking about the characters and themes in the book and what might happen in the next book in the series — we can’t wait to read it! Check out The Tribe site too!

Review by Liz, grade 8, Twin Hickory Library

The Tribe: Homeroom Headhunters by Clay Chapman is a great novel full of plot twists, realistic characters, and a relatable tale of middle school life.  The story is told by Spencer, a young boy, a troublemaker, and his perspective on what really goes on in the walls of his school.  He finds out there are people living in the walls and ceilings of his classrooms!  Desperate to make some kind of friends, he gets to know the hidden children; Peashooter, Compass, and many more.  Spencer tries to survive his classes, but tries even harder to survive the tests the gang has in store for him.  How does he turn out?  Read The Tribe: Homeroom Headhunters when it comes out in a library near you!  I recommend this book for anyone in middle school who feels like their life needs a little bit more adventure, and those who like suspense and exciting events.  Definitely a story for everyone, young and old, boy or girl, adventurous or shy, this book has it all!

Review by Chris, grade 9, Twin Hickory Library

This book was about a boy named Spencer who finds out there is a secret tribe living in his school. At first he thinks he is crazy because he sees ceiling panels sliding overhead and feels someone is watching him. Spencer is a troublemaker who does not try to make trouble, but does, for example when he was in the Principal’s office he saw a ceiling panel slide back and while trying to catch that person, he stabs the principals hand. the book is mostly about Spencer and the tribe and whether he will survive or not — you will have to find out. I really liked the book because it caught my attention right away. I found myself laughing a lot throughout the book at Spencer trying to catch the secret tribe but in the end he only makes a fool of himself. I would definitely read it again just because it is so good, overall I loved the book and anyone who is looking for a good read should read this book. You should buy this book as soon as it comes out, it’s a really funny, fantastic book.Chapman 1


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