Teen Review – The Wild Book by Margarita Engle

Word-blindness, it sounds like a curse as it burns the ears of Fefa….  A world of blur; a world of dangers lurking behind one, even those with a keen eye. Certainly this was no place for Fefa, struggling against her own conflicts, fighting herself from the dyslexia that has diagnosed her making words slip off papers whenever a piece of paper met her eye. In this thrilling novel, it is only Fefa’s imagination that make the buds that were once seeds bloom.

A beautifully narrated story, full of surprises and wonderful twists always falling and synchronizing into place as each event falls after one another. Margarita Engle does a fantastic job, as she uses a vivid, unique writing style to narrate the life of a girl and her fate, enhancing every word as she progresses through the plot. Adding a pinch of humor, and spicing up the story with sharp twists ranging from life to death, happiness to a word of loss and despair…. I could not let go of this book the minute it came to my possession.

A memorable part was the sad, but touching sensation that always hit me reading this book….especially thinking about how such an unfortunate girl got the worst of what she deserves.

Reviewed by Reetu, grade 7, Twin Hickory Area Library

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