Teen Review – Seekers: The Quest Begins by Erin Hunter

This book is about three different bears that each has to make unexpected journeys. Lusa, a black bear, lives in a zoo and wants to go to the wild.  Toklo, a grizzly bear is with his mother, Oka, and his sick brother Tobi. Kallik, a polar bear, is also with her mother Nusa and her brother Taqqiq. Along their journey, they discover revelations about themselves and their companions.    Overall, I think this book is very good. I really liked how it switched from each of the bears point of view and the entire story. I did not have any negatives for this book. Each of the characters has a very memorable personality that defines them. A reader who would like this is someone who likes animals or an exciting story.  A very memorable part of this book is each of the characters tragic losses.

Review by Kishore, grade 6, Glen Allen Library

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