Teen Review – Kat, Incorrigible by Stephanie Burgis

 Kat, Incorrigible; an exciting read. Kat is in a horrible predicament. Her sister is about to get married away to a wife abuser in the nineteenth century just to pay away her insolent brother’s debt. But when Kat discovers her deceased mother was practicing witchcraft she realizes that she is a witch as well! How will she use her new shocking information to save the futures of her family?  I thought that the book was very slow in the beginning (I actually considered reading another and not even doing the review) but progressively got more scandalous as the book went on. I LOVED the way that Burgis made the characters so relatable and natural. The situation was pure genius but the only thing that would make it better is not having so many meaningless words at the beginning. Some of the language made you think, “What does that even mean? But it sounds cool!” One of the only things that I majorly disliked was the antagonist in the story.  He was wickedly cruel with a splash of fool’s gold charm. His name was Sir Neville (I mean it just sounds icky!) In some parts of the book I thought the scenarios didn’t entirely relate to the plot. If Burgis would just unincorporate those moments the book should be written and wrapped in pure gold.  If I had to choose one memorable thing about the book it would have to be just the unmatchable theme. Who else would think of nineteenth century mixed with modern-day evil? Burgis, I love you. Keep writing dazzling tales and I’ll keep reading them.

 review by Iyaana, grade 6, Fairfield Area Library

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