Read & Review

Help us review the newest teen books and earn yourself some community service!

This program is for students in grades 6 to 12. Students are limited to 10 hours of community service for Read + Review per semester.

Follow these instructions to submit your review:
1.  Check out any book on the shelf in your library’s Teen Leasebook section. Hint: Look for a red sticker on the spine that reads “B&T Lease”.
Click here to pick one from the list of New Books.

2. Submit your book review (written in your own words; do not plagiarize) using the form below and within 2 weeks, a teen librarian will email you with directions for claiming your community service hours. Remember to check your spelling before you submit and be careful with grammar.

Read these guidelines before you submit:
Book selections must follow guidelines in step 1. Responses must meet minimum length requirements and must answer the questions in your own words. Remember to check your spelling before you submit and be careful with grammar.

Not sure how to write a review? Click here to read some examples. Remember, we want a book review not a book report. Don’t give away any plot surprises in your review!

Reviews that follow the directions and are written using good grammar and spelling earn one hour of community service credit.

Exceptional reviews chosen for publication on the Teen Scene website will earn one additional hour of credit, for a total of two hours of credit.

Because we might post your review online, we tend to be extra-cautious about issues of copyright and plagiarism. Please help us by making sure your review is entirely original. Here are some helpful links about these important issues:

30 Responses to “Read & Review”

  1. How many volunteer hours do we get if we do this?

    • Reviews that follow the directions and are written using good grammar and spelling earn one hour of community service credit. Reviews chosen for publication on the Teen Scene website will earn one additional hour of credit. Limit: 10 hours per semester

  2. Is this only available during the school year?

  3. It feels great when your review gets posted and you know that lots of people are reading it. Three of mine have been posted so far.

  4. Are these Community Service hours going to count towards college

    • Henrico County Public Schools has approved this as service for its various requirements for middle and high school students. We haven’t worked with colleges students, but we could talk to you about the sort of service you need to do.

  5. It looks like the Read+Review list is comprised solely of “New Teen Fiction.” Are there any other genre options, and can we do older books if a review doesn’t exist for them yet?

    • Read + Review is designed to help us highlight new fiction — that’s community service people are performing for us. During the summer, the Summer Reading Club allows people to write reviews of anything they read, though not for community service credit.

  6. I would just like to give a shout-out to my own librarian, who dedicatedly works to help people read and enjoy literature. (The World Needs More #Books)! Thank you again!

  7. This Read & Review really helped me with my community and service! I love it so much and I’m glad I could be part of this great program. It’s so simple, fun, and helps you discover new books!

  8. I love to read! I also love to review! While doing Read and Review, I feel so joyous inside! Thanks for this great opportunity! I just love books so much! :)

    • I could not agree more +Read & Review Really Rocks!
      I have not found one object in pop culture geology that rocks more than Read & Review.
      It truly rocks more than the actual minerals that are found in the Earth.
      Your username just says it all. IBlieve this username really requires us to think: it is powerful, eloquent, and true.
      I love reading!

  9. I wrote a very long review for the Giver by Lois Lowry but when I pressed submit it said the Google Doc is unavailable. I was wondering if you recieved my submission.

  10. I love to read and now I get community service hours for it? Sweet!

  11. Can you do a read & review for the Hunger Games trilogy? And does it really matter about what book you do a read & review on?

    • Read & Review highlights recently released books, so please do refer to the official list, or look in the lease book section. All of the Hunger Games books are too old to be in either of these categories. The teen librarian at your branch will be happy to help you find something you might like.

  12. can u do it for the Mortal Instruments series? im pretty sure those series are pretty new

  13. I enjoyed doing this because I get to express my feelings about different books without the stalking feeling that I am getting judged to the face. It makes me feel more confident in my opinions and lets out a sigh of relief that I don’t have to be the odd one or embarrassed because of my thoughts on a certain book. Also, could we possibly have a read and review on one of the Divergent series books, I have been dying to express my opinion on those books ever since I read them. Thank You

    • We are so glad that you enjoy doing Read + Review. Currently we have the following Divergent Series books as Leasebooks: Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant and Four. So as long as these books remain in our collection as Leasebooks, feel free to review away!

  14. Will it take a full two weeks for me to get my review back?

    • Hi Andrew,
      Usually you will get a response in a few days. However, sometimes we get a bunch of reviews all at once and then you may have to wait as long as two weeks.
      Thanks, Adrienne (Librarian at Libbie Mill)

  15. hello guys these books r great!

  16. If we have exactly 10 hours this semester, could we do more? Will it count? How long would a semester be?

    • Hi Steven! Sorry for the delayed response. Earning 10 hours of community service through Read + Review per semester is the limit. A semester is half your school year, so you can aim to get ten hours before winter break and ten hours after through Read + Review.


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