Read + Review — A Moment Comes, by Jennifer Bradbury

by MandyTheLibrarian

Tariq has just realized that following his dreams to study at Oxford is easier said that done. Living as a Muslim in a troubled Punjab, India, Tariq struggles to find which is most important to him: family or education. But when a job opportunity for a British official comes his way, Tariq can’t refuse. This could be his ticket to England. Anupreet is tired of constantly being protected by her family ever since she met with a tragic accident that scarred her for life. Being a Sikh isn’t easy when there is so much religious conflict in India. When she is offered a job at the house of a British official, she is thrilled to finally get out of the house, but the job may be more than she bargained for. Margaret is annoyed with her mother for bringing her to hot, stuffy India. She misses her piano and friends back in England. But she soon realizes that life in India may not be so bad after all. Told by the perspectives of three drastically different teenagers whose lives somehow collide, A Moment Comes tells the story of a little known, but very dangerous time in India’s history.

I really loved the whole story. First of all, the topic is so different and there’s isn’t much written on it. It is set in India, right before the India-Pakistan partition, brokered by the British. I liked that Bradbury chose to tell every side of the story, by having a Muslim, Sikh, and British teenager narrate. The writing flowed beautifully and the story never got boring.

One memorable thing for me was how each character grew or changed in some way or the other. Tariq learned how to set his priorities and decide what really was important to him, Margaret learned how to be more open to other cultures and traditions, and Anupreet became a stronger person and defended those she loved without fear.

four stars

Reviewed by Asha, grade 9, Twin Hickory Area Library

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